Innovative Solutions to Reduce OR Time for Spinal Surgeries and improve Patient Outcomes

In recent years, spinal surgeries have evolved as more technologies become available to treat patients with spinal conditions. According to a study published in World Neurosurgery, there were 153,288 anterior cervical discectomy and fusions performed in the U.S., and volume is expected to increase 13.3% through 2040. Posterior cervical discectomy and fusions are also expected to grow 19.3%.

IDT has specialized in orthopedic implants since the company began in 2006. IDT’s President C. Michael Nilsson began designing orthopedic implants and instruments more than two decades ago at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. He developed the first saddle-shaped cervical disc in 2009, and since then, has developed multiple implants and specialty instruments, which have received patent protection.
Posterior Lumbar Screw-Rod Fixation System with Cross-Connector


IDT leverages experiences from medical and non-medical industries with a focus on innovation, cross-pollination of different design concepts from various industries, and continuous utilization of new design technology. We have extensive experience in the design of implants used for spinal fixation, including screws, rods, plates, and cages, as well as cervical discs for spinal arthroplasty.
PAX-C | IDT's Poly-Axial Cross-Connector | US 9,962,194
Cervical Arthroplasty | Saddle-Shaped | Patent W02009114014
SlimClip and ZipClip | US 10,548,637
Soft Tissue Implant | US 10,792,141
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How it works

Maybe you already have an idea you need help perfecting?

Or you keep encountering the same challenge in the OR with no solution in sight?

IDT works directly with orthopedic surgeons or with their clients’ engineers to fully understand the problem at hand and to create the best solution.

Our goal is to design and develop better implants and surgical instrumentation to reduce time in the OR, support better surgical outcomes, and minimize costs.

Learn more about our approach.


IDT develops IP patents for our clients. Click the button below to see our list of patents.