Improving Cosmetic Outcomes for Craniofacial Surgeries

During a craniotomy, the neuro-surgical outcome is paramount. Cosmetic outcomes are a lesser priority. Especially if there’s a need for additional surgeries to address life-threatening complications. But planning for and achieving positive cosmetic outcomes reduces the need for additional cosmetic surgery. A poor cosmetic outcome after a traumatic injury can be a significant emotional and financial burden.

IDT partnered with a long-term client to develop a technique to prepare site-specific craniofacial plates and hardware to improve cosmetic outcomes for craniofacial surgeries. Based on the patient’s actual CT scan, these craniofacial plates fit with minimal adjustments in the opening left after a craniotomy.

IDT always uses innovative design solutions and researches the proper materials and manufacturing techniques to create the best design solution. In this case, our solution is created with surgical functionality and cosmetic outcomes in mind.

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