Examining the Device Landscape Before Bringing New Products to Market

IDT’s ideation process focuses on creating as many different designs as possible before reviewing the current market and existing patents. This helps ensure we keep an open mind so there are no preconceived notions when it comes to the optimal solution.

This approach also adds value by creating as many design solutions as possible, which then can be used to navigate the existing market and patent landscape.

Once the ideation process is completed, the design solutions are compared to current devices and prior patent art.

Literature review, patent review and market review are required before taking a conceptual design from the ideation phase and moving it through design and development.

Types of Review

Literature Review

By reviewing published papers within the industry, we achieve a deeper understanding of the potential design challenges. We can also better comprehend the prevalence of your particular challenge in the market and gauge demand and interest in your device.

Patent Review

IDT reviews the patent landscape to determine if the design is patentable in its current state.

Market Review

IDT helps you review other devices on the market. Together with your sales team, we identify opportunities and strategies to capture market share.

What if a Similar Patents Already Exists?

IDT analyzes the existing patent and considers the following:

  • Is the existing prior art/patent enforceable?
  • Can the patent be circumvented?
  • Are there minor details in the new design that would make it patentable despite the existing patent?

Often in answering these questions, we find we can still work with the design solution with only minor modifications. Since we generate many potential solutions during the ideation phase, rarely do we have to start from scratch on a new solution.

Do you have a new device idea you want to patent?

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