A Design-First, Solutions-Oriented Approach

It’s easy to get so caught up in finding any design solution to a challenging design problem that finding the best solution is often overlooked. IDT believes in focusing on the early iterative design process—not only to come up with a solution, but to create as many solutions as possible. We approach design challenges with an open mind to consider all possible (and improbable) solutions.

More Iterations Means Improved Design and Lower Cost to Market

The brainstorming and creative processes are key to solving complex design challenges. By emphasizing and spending more time on the iterative ideation/design phase, we minimize the changes required during the latter, more costly stages of the project.

2D technical prints aren’t needed during these early project stages. Frequent prototyping in-house or at select prototyping facilities improves the final outcome and reduces overall project costs. Details of manufacturability are mostly considered after choosing a design solution.

IDT creates and captures all other potential design solutions, which can be implemented in later patent filings for maximum protection.

Steps in IDT’s Process


Ideation & Design

Identify and understand the design challenges and create design concepts in an interactive ideation and design process (no costly 2D prints are required).

  • Whiteboard brainstorming sessions
  • “Organic” 3D-CAD modeling
  • Rapid prototyping (plastic or soft metals)


Background Reviews (Literature, Patent, Market)

  • Perform an in-depth literature review to gain a deeper understanding of other related design challenges
  • Perform a market review to identify other solutions currently on the market
  • Perform a patent review to evaluate the current patent landscape

These steps are completed after the early iterative ideation/creative process. This allows us to keep an open mind without any preconceived notion of how things should work or look. Sometimes reinventing the wheel is necessary to find the best solution.


Functional Design

Manufacture a limited number of fully functional design prototypes for preliminary testing and analysis. (2D prints may not be required.)


Final Design

Produce final production prints to order prototypes for final (regulatory) testing (final 2D prints are required).


Testing and Regulation

Perform all required tests and submit for regulatory approval.



IDT typically makes all the necessary introductions between vendors so clients can move ahead independent of IDT unless our collaboration is desired.

What Sets IDT Apart from Others

There’s no challenge we can’t solve.

Where others see challenges, we find solutions!

We won’t keep you waiting.

In most cases, IDT is able to provide design options (3D CAD models) within a few days and conceptual/semi-functional prototypes (plastic/soft metals) within one to two weeks.

We adapt to your needs.

IDT’s team can either work collaboratively with your engineers, or we can work independently.

We cut project costs by focusing on ideation and innovation.

Our early focus on ideation, multiple design solutions, and conceptual prototyping:

  • Allows the team to be more flexible at this early stage and develop multiple design solutions
  • Cuts unnecessary costs at this early stage (costly 2D prints and GT&D print reviews are delayed as much as possible)
  • Creates multiple design solutions to identify the best solutions and additional designs for strong patent protection
  • Cuts long-term cost by avoiding late-stage design changes, since we identify the best solution early on
  • Reduces overall development costs and allows for faster entry into the market

We continuously implement information from other scientific areas.


What nature has already perfected, we simply adapt.


We look for inspiration in areas outside our clients’ industries.

Compliant Mechanisms

Reduced cost and longer lifespan.

We’re always innovating

We continuously integrate:

  • New design methods
  • New manufacturing techniques
  • New materials
  • New technologies

Confidentially is everything!

Confidentiality is something we take very seriously so we can maintain clear ethical boundaries between clients and projects.

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