Solving the Toughest Design Challenges and Improving Outcomes

Founded in 2006, IDT is an engineering design, development and consulting firm that serves clients in the U.S. and internationally. Streamlining collaboration between engineers and those who utilize their solutions is at the core of what we do. What sets IDT apart is how quickly we can generate ideas and implement innovative solutions—what others do in months, we do in weeks.

While the majority of our work has focused on medical devices, IDT’s design process can be utilized in any industry. If you have an engineering design problem, we can solve it. IDT has worked directly with engineers in both large and small companies.

IDT’s vision is to expand its involvement in the aerospace, automotive, and energy sectors to cross-seed solutions across all industries.

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Industries Served


What Differentiates IDT?

We specialize in solving design challenges. Whether you’re a surgeon or an engineer, whether you work in the medical or automotive industries, we can come up with a solution to your challenge.

We provide better design solutions, faster. Review design options and plastic prototypes within a few days and metal prototypes within weeks.

We adapt to your needs. We can work directly with your internal engineering team or work as an independent extension of your engineering team.

Our process is cost-effective. Focusing on ideations and early prototyping lowers the overall project cost.


C. Michael Nilsson, MS, PE President

Michael is a registered Professional Engineer and an innovative engineer with more than 22 years of experience in medical device development and 7 years of automotive design experience.

Michael began his career in the automotive industry as a project engineer. After developing, designing, analyzing, and testing automotive components for several years, an opportunity within the Medical Device Innovations Group at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation introduced him to the world of medical implants, surgical instruments and regulatory control. As a R&D engineer, Michael designed and developed multiple minimally invasive instruments and implants for orthopedic and cardiovascular use.

A consulting role as a biomechanical engineer further piqued Michael’s interest in the design, development and prototyping of spinal implants and complex surgical instrumentation. In 2006, Michael founded his own engineering consulting company, Innovative Delta Technology, LLC, utilizing his own patents as starting capital.

Michael currently has 26 issued patents and 9 patent applications. He works closely with clients from various industries all over the world and conducts business fluently in English, German and Swedish.