Are you facing a design challenge with conflicting design goals, design constraints, or design requirements? Is a looming design deadline in jeopardy because of other internal deadlines?

IDT can solve your toughest design challenge, working either as an extension of your team or independently to lighten the load on your staff. We can either start from ground zero to meet your design goals, or we can step in and support the current progress to bring it to completion.

Confidentiality and maintaining ethical boundaries between clients and projects are major considerations throughout every phase of the process.

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IDT President C. Michael Nilsson (MS, PE) has been an engineering consultant for more than 18 years, leveraging more than 22 years in the medical device industry and 7 years in the automotive/aerospace industry.

The design, patenting, and market introduction of the first polyaxial cross-connector and a surgeon friendly instrument for an expandable vertebral body replacement implant are just a few examples of his creative design experience. Other examples are the saddle-shaped cervical disc and a single-handed reduction-approximation instrument, which are major additions to his growing patent portfolio.

Michael is a Professional Engineer in the State of Ohio and founded Innovative Delta Technology, LLC back in 2006.